Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Too pop for punk too punk for pop
Danger Server is an indonesian Pop Punks band formed around 2009, First
Formation the band, Dimas (Vokal), Aldy (Guitar), Aby (Guitar), Ari (Bass), Amri (Synth) & Putra (Drums). The band started to play together 2 years before Dimas (Vokal) & Amri (Synth) leave the band because many different visions and demands of the job, to pursue their dreams besides playing music.

The third year, the band decided to remodel style of music, with Dinda recruiting to fill vacancies on the vocal position. Mostly influenced by some pop punk band in the world such as Rocket Rockers, Paramore and New Found Glory. we try to be consistent in the path of pop punk music, too pop for punk too punk for pop.
Member :
Dinda Ayu Rinjani - Vocal
Ari Afriansyah - Guitar
Muhammad Geraldy - Lead Guitar
Gusti Abimanyu - Bass
Putra Bagus - Drum

Management :
DS Contact
0838 1103 4590

Free Streaming and download Danger Server
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